School Visits.

Over the past few days, I have had a wonderful opportunity to visit my daughter's elementary school to read Lost (and Found) in various classrooms. So far, I have read in 11 classrooms, and I have 8 more scheduled next week... kids ranging from Junior Kindergarten to 4th grade. It's been such an enriching experience for me in so many ways.

I tend to be more on the introverted side than anything else. Kind of a quiet person in general. I observe and make a lot of mental notes, and then I share via writing. For those who know me very well... they may disagree... because with certain people, I am kind of chatty and nutty. 

But, for me to go into classrooms and be the center of attention for a while? It's uncomfortable. I have to keep telling myself, they are children! It's okay! You're good with children! 

The first day, I was nervous. Yesterday was better. It's going to be huge for my personal growth to continue to do book readings. 

On another note, it was incredibly fun. I loved listening to the children's comments and questions. Some asked very thoughtful questions about the writing process; others raised their hands to say, "I like your dress!" Either way, the children, their reactions, their smiles... made my slightly uncomfortable introverted self happy.

I go back to Hilton Elementary next week. The following week, I am at Spencer Elementary and Hartland Preschool. And then I'm off to Holly Academy.

I know the school year is drawing to a close soon, but if you'd like me to visit your preschool or elementary school to share my characters and stories, let's squeeze it in. Or I'd be happy to get on your school's fall schedule!