My first children's book, Lost (and Found), has been published. As of yesterday. Published!

It's the most surreal and bizarre feeling to hold my book in my hands. I just keep staring at it and thinking, What?!

It's available for purchase, even. My book can be purchased and read by others. Friends and strangers. To think of a small child across the country or across the world enjoying my book... so totally cool. That thought makes me incredibly happy.

Maybe it will even become a child's favorite book.

This project took approximately 16 months. I think that's part of the reason it feels so absolutely WEIRD that it's done. I am happily at work on the second and third book in the series, but there's something about that first book...

Please click on the Lost (and Found) tab to buy my book, if you are so inclined. It costs the same as a pizza, and lasts longer.